About Me



My name is Jeff Gross (aka Sketchy Reputation) and I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. As a boy I would spend endless hours drawing Spiderman ("Jeff! Can you draw something other than Spiderman for once?" - my dad, frequently), futuristic spaceports and spaceships, and Garfield. During high school and university, I covered the walls of my parent's basement with cartoon doodles, rock band logos, and yup - Spiderman. After university, I began my career as a laboratory analyst. My love of drawing never faded, it was just relegated to the margins of my lab notebooks.

Years later, art was brought back to the forefront when a friend introduced me to Instagram. Not surprisingly, I started following artists and was inspired by all the amazing art that was being shared. I WANTED TO BE A PART OF IT. From that point on, I've been drawing or creating everyday.

It's taken awhile, but I'm finally comfortable telling people in person that I am an artist. I fearlessly attack blank pages with my favourite weapon - Pigma Micron pens. I love losing myself for hours in the crosshatching and the timeless look of black and white art. However, when I'm in the mood for something a little more colorful I'll create digitally coloured variants of my sketches or throw some paint on a canvas. Inspiration is everywhere if you know how to look for it.

Thank you for stopping by.


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