The River

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The River (2019)

Keira stepped out of the cottage and on to the deck. The porch door slammed shut loudly behind her. She called out for Timber, her 5 year old Australian Shepherd, and made her way down to the dock. Despite it being unseasonably warm for October, most of cabin country had packed up weeks ago. “Fine with me,” thought Keira. Timber continued on ahead, her attention captured by a strange new scent.

The cabin wasn’t hers. It belonged to the family of her ex-fiancé, Ken. Neither Ken nor his family had much interest in the cabin and rarely, if ever, did any of them spend time here. Keira, on the other hand, had fallen in love with the place the first time Ken had brought her. So, when the relationship had headed south, she had conveniently “forgot” to return her cabin key.

Keira sat cross-legged at the end of the dock. She could hear Timber running around in the bush, probably chasing lightning bugs. Keira took a deep breath of the cool air and looked up at the stars. She thought of why she came here and what she intended to do. Two weeks ago, while sitting on this very dock, she had had a revelation. The river was a metaphor for her life. Keira was a successful accountant but she was far from happy. She was always trying to please her parents or live up to the high standard set by her older sister, Hannah. Keira felt she was always fighting the current, trying to be something she wasn’t meant to be. The metaphor stuck with her. She saw the river every time she closed her eyes. Keira was done fighting.

Keira rose to her feet and let her robe fall to the ground. Her naked body shivered in the cool autumn air. She dove in quickly, afraid that if she hesitated for a moment she might talk herself out of this. The water was shockingly cold and forced the air from her lungs. She gritted her teeth to keep them from chattering. The current took her. She gave in to it and trusted it. A few hundred meters downstream she emerged on a neighbouring dock, with Timber already there waiting to greet her. It was a small step, but a symbolic one.

For now on, Keira would be the one writing the story of her life.

High-quality print on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper with matte photo finish.